Best Ladders for Home Use – Top Ladders Review 2018

We all need a ladder from time to time. Who wouldn’t agree? – To save you from enduring precarious balancing acts when decorating or cleaning..

But which ladder is best for your needs..

.. and who wants to spend hours researching the boring technical details of ladder and doing price comparisons anyway?


A little while ago, we searched for a good ladder to be used for a variety of needs, for our family home. We spent a long time reading mismatched and often boring information to find the right one. We now want to help you to find your perfect ladder.


The following ladder review is an accumulation of all of the knowledge we have gained It highlights the best and most affordable ladder types that are available now. Discussing in depth, their pros, cons and functionality.


Which ladder is best for general home improvements and jobs.

Arrow 6 Tread DIY Stepladder

Arrow 6 Tread DIY Stepladder

Arrow 6 Tread DIY Stepladder

“Best all Rounder.”

A great general ladder that feels safe and secure with a hand support for extra stability.

Could be easily stored in a garage, shed cupboard under the stairs for quick and easy access.


  •  Perfect for DIY jobs at home, folds compact and quickly for easy storage.
  • Maximum weight of 95kg /15st
  • Super light weight at only 3.9kg
  • Non slip grips on the steps


  • Feels a little flimsy and it holds the least amount of weight out of all the top 10 ladders.
  • Plastic clips can be knocked off exposing metal edges, (this is a rare occurrence, taking good care of the ladder should ensure that this doesn’t happen.)
  • Only suitable for domestic use.


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Abru 3 Way Combination LadderAbru 3 Way Combination Ladder on Stairs

An amazing ladder if you are planning on decorating the stairs anytime soon.

We actually borrowed one of these ladders, and found it to be absolutely crucial in being able to reach the high ceiling parts above the stairways in our house.

You feel safe and secure on them. The only problem is the usually wide base and feet of the ladder. Which can limit you in some ways if you have narrow or tight areas to work in.

The second leg that juts out to enable you to work on a staircase is great for it intended purpose, but is otherwise a bit of a pain if you want to use the ladder as a standard ‘lean against the wall’ type.


  •  You get the benefits of owning a stepladder, a stairwell ladder and a regular extension ladder.
  • Perfect for all round DIY and odd jobs.
  • Wider feet than the rest of the frame for extra support.
  • Maximum weight of 95kg / 15st
  • Versatile and light, weighing only 6kg.
  • Easy to fold and change position of ladder.
  • Extra grip steps and feet.


  • Lower maximum weight than some other ladders.
  • Only suitable for domestic use.
  • Limited functionality and unusually shaped design.

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Charles Bentley 3.2M Telescopic Extendable Extension LadderCharles Bentley 3.2M Telescopic Extendable Extension Ladder With EN131-1, EN131-2, EN131-3 Certificate

“Best Telescopic Ladder for Compact Storage.”

Telescopic ladders are the toy that every adults secretly wants for Christmas!

How can something so small become a huge, long ladder? Some very clever design features mean that telescopic ladders are a must have for small houses, flats and apartments. They take up little room and can cater to most needs around the house.

Each rung and section of the ladder fold away inside the previous, like a Russian doll effect.

This means the legs are effectively hollow when the ladder is extended. So the overall weight that a telescopic ladder can hold is not as much as a regular ladder but is still sufficient for most people and their needs.



  •  Great solution for small storage areas, like sheds. The telescopic folding saves you the most space.
  • Made of sturdy, but lightweight aluminium and PVC heavy duty sides.
  • The ladder weighs 9kg so is very manageable, great for transporting in a regular car boot – without having to struggle or lower seats!
  • A great height of 3.2m high and very affordable.
  • Supports a maximum weight of 150kg.
  • EN131-1, EN131-2, EN131-3 Certified.


  • Feet are not angled, so it has to be used fairly upright.
  • Not as sturdy and robust as a traditional ladder.

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Best Ladder For Height

Lyte 3-Section Domestic Extension LadderLyte 3-Section Domestic Extension Ladder


  •  Very strong and durable.
  • 5 metres when fully extended.
  • Non slip rungs and feet.
  • 11kg heavier than some ladders but very strong as a result.
  • Folds down easily.
  • 150kg maximum load.


  •  Quite narrow on the top section,
  • Not as small or flat when folded as other ladders such as telescopic ones.
  • Not suitable for trade or industrial use.

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Finether 15.4 FT Extendable Aluminium Folding LadderFinether 15.4 FT Extendable Aluminium Folding Ladder with Safety Locking Hinges and 2 Panels

“Best Multi Function Ladder'”


  •  Multi function for a wider range of uses than a standard ladder.
  • Collapsible for easy transport.
  • Wide stabilisers for extra stability.
  • Strong click and lock system.
  • Sturdy aluminium alloy weighs 17kg.
  • Can be used as a platform, to make jobs easier that require two hands.
  • Supports a maximum load of 150kg / 330lbs


  •  Not suitable for trade and industrial uses.
  • Doesn’t fold very small, not suitable for storing in small houses.
  • Heavy and awkward to manoeuvre.

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Home Discount 3 Step LadderHome Discount 3 Step Ladder, Heavy Duty Steel, Folding, Portable With Anti-Slip Mat

“Best ladder for light duties around the house and occasional DIY.”

A great all rounder ladder, light and convenient. Perfect for reaching those top cupboards or for putting folded sheets on the top shelf of your wardrobe.

Nice and sturdy, could also be used for general DIY in place of a full sized ladder. (Ceiling height permitting!)

It’s nice to have the three steps. That third step really makes all the difference when reaching. So many step ladders are only two steps which never seem to be quite high enough!


  • Convenient folding three step ladder.
  • Made of steel for extra strength.
  • It is suitable for 150kg of weight and the steps are nice and wide and flat so you can stand comfortably and safely.
  • The overall height is 140cm, width 45cm with the top step being 70cm high.
  • It is also quite light at 6kg, so it is easy to move around, perfect for light jobs or kitchen use for high cupboards.
  • Also available in 2 step and 4 step sizes.


  • A little awkward to fold until you get used to it.
  • Metal frame is painted and the paint can get chipped if knocked or when doing manual work.

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Lyte 5 Way Platform LadderLyte 5 Way Platform Ladder Scaffold style ladder

“Best Platform Ladder.”


  • Super versatile ladder, can be used as a regular straight ladder or as a single platform scaffold set up.
  • The height of the platform can attach to different rungs on each vertical piece of the ladder, perfect for staged surfaces like stairs.
  • Non slip platform and hand rail included for extra security.
  • Maximum ladder height when used as a regular extension ladder 3.82m.
  • Supports 150 kg


  •  The two stabiliser support bars are 95cm wide, this is too wide for some staircases.
  • Heavy – 20kg

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TB Davies Ladders Double ExtensionTB Davies Trade 2.5m

“Best Long Ladder.”


  • Extends from 2.5m double (which canals be used as a 4m ladder.)
  • Can also be bought in several different sizes, right up to a 5m double, (which extends to 9m) – perfect for the really high jobs.
  • D rungs for extra stability and comfort.
  • Slip resistant rungs.
  • Suitable for all home DIY and trade / business uses.
  • 150kg work load.
  • Extra grip rubber feet.
  • Very high quality.


  •  Heavy – 21kg (This is because it is a large ladder.)
  • Difficult to transport unless you have a large car or a van.
  • Awkward to store in a small home.

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Youngman 313340 Easiway Aluminium 3-Section Loft LadderYoungman 313340 Easiway Aluminium 3-Section Loft Ladder

“Best Loft Ladder”


  • High quality and robust.
  • Very affordable.
  • Extra grip steps and ladder feet.
  • Is suitable for a loft hatch heigh of 2.3-3 metres.
  • Maximum weight of 100kg.
  • Comes with the necessary fittings, one handrail, a pole and a loft catch.


  • Takes up a fair amount of room in the loft.
  • Installation instructions are difficult to understand and follow.

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Different Styles of Useful Ladders

Extension / Roof LaddersLyte 3-Section Domestic Extension Ladder

Suitable for all types of trade and diy projects.

Can be bought in a small size, for general work around the house or very long ladders for roofing.

Usually get more narrow as they get taller.

Better to use this type of ladder with extra supports, like a bracket to secure the ladder or a non slip mat. (Especially if you need a tall ladder.)

They are quite large, heavy and bulky and can sometimes be a two man job to move and set up.

This type of ladder is best for the jobs where you are working at great height, i.e, for climbing onto a roof or for replacing the bulb in a garden flood light.

Telescopic LaddersWORHAN® 5m (16' 4'') Double Telescopic Ladder

These ladders fold down inside themselves, with a Russian doll effect.

Telescopic ladders have advanced massively in the last few years and are now one of the most popular types of ladder.

The telescopic effect of these ladders means that the fold up very small and are easy to store.

You can’t get to great heights on a telescopic ladder, it simple wouldn’t be safe. But they are a great addition to the family home for general use and light DIY and certainly are easier to manoeuvre around the house than standard extending ladders.

If you are buying a telescopic ladder, buy from a reputable company or manufacturer. Things have been known to go wrong with them in the past. This will give you extra piece of mind.

This type of ladder is best for working where the ladder can be placed flat against a wall. (Leaning the top section against the rim of a loft hatch for example, is probably not advisable. just to the hollow legs and lightweight frame.


Step LaddersWhich ladder to buy for DIY projects.

The perfect ladders for reaching out of high cupboards or for home or trade decorating.

I think every home should have a set of these, they are inexpensive, last pretty much forever and are useful in so many ways and instances.

They come is a variety of heights. Starting at small two step types and going up to about 6 or 7 steps maximum.

Step ladders are usually lightweight and fairly slim when folded away for storage.


Tripod Ladders

Tripod ladder for cutting and trimming trees or hedges. Ladder to get higher and closer to the object.

This type of ladder is perfect for outdoor use, for cutting trees or trimming hedges.

Tripod ladders are usually far more expensive than many other styles of ladder. They have to be exceptionally well made in order to be strong and stable enough to use on uneven ground.

Some of the better models offer adjustable feet which are fantastically useful when using your tripod ladder in the garden on never terrain like gravel. It helps you achieve maximum stability.

The ladder is very wide at the bottom, and tapers to a slimmer width at the top of the ladder for stability. The downside is that they are very difficult to store and to move around.

Combination LaddersFinether 15.4 FT Extendable Aluminium Folding Ladder with Safety Locking Hinges and 2 Panels

These ladder suit a variety of needs, can be used on stairs, or for outdoor purposes. Some can create a ladder platform for standing or kneeling at height.

A combination ladder s usually very heavy and awkward to set up. (Mind your fingers!) But once set up, it offers a safe and stable platform to work from at height.

Combination ladders can be erected as one straight long ladder too, so they can be leant flat up a wall and used like a regular extension ladder. The downside is that the feet are very wide for stability when the ladder is being used as a platform. This can make it difficult to use a combination ladder in a confined space with a limited width. (Like on a stairway.)


Loft LaddersYoungman 313340 Easiway Aluminium 3-Section Loft Ladder

These ladders sit in your loft for easy storage and can be pulled down via a handle or stick.

It’t amazing that not all homes have loft ladder yet!

They are relatively inexpensive, can be fitted by yourself (you don’t need a professional) and they will save you a hundred awkward trips up and down the stairs carrying your extendable ladder. (Whilst trying not to mark the walls of the staircase or ceilings as you navigate through the house.)

There are different types available, but we think the best ones are the type that the ladder folds quite small into a neat bundle. This ladder bundle sits basically on top of the loft hatch in the loft so takes up an absolute minimal amount of room in your loft. (Which, if it is anything like our loft, if full to the rafters with treasured possessions and junk!

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