Best Ladder for Electricians 2023

If working at height isn’t worrying enough, working with electricity at height is an even greater cause for concern.

The threat of electrocution is an occupational hazard of an electrician, so it is smart to take as many precautions as possible.

Metal and aluminium ladders are definite no-no’s; they reactor as electrical conductors.

Instead, the best ladders for electricians are made from timber, or, most often, fibreglass.

They offer insulation to the user in the event of contact with live wires and high voltages.

Sterk Systems 5 Tread Fibreglass Step Ladder

The 5-tread step ladder from Sterk Systems is made from heavy-duty fibreglass, is robust enough for trade use while remaining portable enough for home use.

It features non-conductive, insulated side rails that withstand up to 30000 volts.  The steps are wide and serrated for additional grip; the rubber feet provide excellent non-slip grounding.

Our favourite feature is the tool and gadget tray at the top of the step ladders. Although not strong enough to stand on, it creates the ideal spot to keep equipment close by, saving time and energy.

The ladders fold flat for simple storage; opening takes seconds. There are external side-spreaders that lock into place for added sturdiness.

When closed, they are 160cm long and fit into the back of most vans. They weigh just over 8kg making them portable enough to transport between jobs.

You might be surprised to learn that they have a maximum weight capacity of 150kg, and when opened the top step is 130cm from the ground. This is a more than adequate height for undertaking ceiling work.

This robust and lightweight stepladder not only keeps you safe from shocks, but the rubber treads and plastic feet keep the ladder locked firmly into position during use.


  • Heavy-duty fibreglass construction
  • Insulted rails (30000v)
  • For trade or domestic use
  • Lightweight and incredibly robust
  • Anti-slip treads
  • Top cap holds a large tool tray


  • The top cap only bears 25kg

Youngman 6 Tread Catwalk S400 Fibreglass Platform Step Ladder

The 6-step ladder from Youngman is made from fibreglass and is non-conductive to 30,000v. It is lightweight yet robust so suits heavy-duty trade use.

It is also a handy set to have around the house as it provides a safe standing platform to reach ceilings and first flooring guttering and windows.

Our favourite feature is the top handrail. Many electrician’s ladders consist of a locking A-frame but provide nowhere to grip when on the highest rungs.

The sturdy handle makes even the most nervous user feel safe.

It folds relatively flat and stands at 2.3m when closed. When it’s open, the platform is 1.37m high, providing a working height of approximately 2.9m.

The top tray is the ideal storage space for tools.

Everything about the ladder is designed with safety in mind including wide tread spacing and slip-resistant feet help. The strong braces that lock on either side for supreme rigidity and stability.

The Youngman ladder has a maximum load weight of 150kg, so will bear a substantial person and any necessary equipment. Not only is it safe for electrical works but its working height makes hedge trimming, hanging Christmas lights, or cleaning out the gutters, an absolute cinch.

Excel Fibreglass Folding Hop Up Platform

Any experienced electrician will tell you that their ladders need to be lightweight and portable, not cumbersome and awkward.

Hop-Up ladders fit the bill; they weigh very little and provide stable footing when working at height.

The Generic model is a fine example; made from GRP fibreglass, it offers insulation from shocks. They are easy enough to pick up and move around with ease, perfect for the electrician testing an entire house.

One hop up and you are on the platform. It is generously sized at 60cm x 30cm. The platform is 48cm from the ground, the perfect height for fuse board work.

Our favourite thing about the Hop Up is its versatility. Because they are so portable, they are easy to move from job to job, both in and outdoors. They are a decorators dream, enabling them to reach ceiling height with ease.

There are 2 ladders included for the affordable price, both of which have a spring-loaded folding mechanism for simple, flat storage. They are compact enough to fit in the boot of the smallest car.

The fibreglass construction ensures its longevity; they are robust, durable, and most of all, safe.


  • 2 included
  • Extremely portable
  • Plenty of platform space
  • 150kg maximum load
  • compact, folding design
  • good value for money


  • Only 1 height setting

Werner 7170818 Fibreglass Platform Stepladder 8 Tread

If you’re a professional tradesperson and on the lookout for a substantial set of ladders, this Werner set worthy of serious consideration.

They are made from fibreglass for superior non-conductive protection, the handrails feature 7-layers for added protection, and to increase their weather resistance.

Each tread is deep and has an etched non-slip design which, along with the EDGE moulded brace and footpad, add strength and durability to the step ladder.

The highest working platform is 1.87m from the ground, achieving an approximate safe working height of 3.62m.

Surprisingly, for such robust ladders, they weigh just 16kg but have a maximum weight capacity of 150kg.

Our favourite feature is the Holster Top storage tray at the top of the ladder. Not only does it have space to store a paint pot, coffee mug, and other necessary equipment, there are also recesses to sit tools and brushes in. Anything that limits the number of trips up and down a ladder has to be a big bonus.

The versatile Werner ladder is perfect for electricians due to its excellent insulation properties. It is also hard-wearing and durable enough for multiple trades with rigorous use. The manufacturers have such belief in their product that they backed it with a 25-year guarantee.


  • 8-treads for increased reach
  • heavy-duty, weather-resistant fibreglass construction
  • Hard-wearing, durable
  • Holster Top tool storage stay
  • Moulded EDGE design increases stability and strength
  • Easy to fold down flat for storage


  • Too tall for small vehicles (unless with a roof or side rack)

TUSCANIA Folding Ladder With 5 Steps

Like us, you had probably never thought of a ladder as a thing of beauty – think again. The Arredamenti 5-step ladder is beautifully designed and constructed, making it very easy on the eye.

When not in use it doesn’t need to be leant against anything to store; it is free-standing. If space is at a premium, the ladders blend well with any décor, almost as if they were an extra piece of furniture.

The ladders weigh around 11kg, they aren’t heavy but the caster wheels at the base make transporting them around a very simple task.

They reach 182cm when open and the highest working level stands at 109cm above the ground.

The locking mechanism provides extra stability; it smoothly locks the braces into position without fear of pinching or trapping fingers. Twisting the same mechanism releases the ladders to put away. It gives the user greater protection from fear of collapse.

Our favourite feature is the safety handrail. It is removable, extendable, and provides additional stability, even when the user is working at the top step. The rail is metal, and not advisable to use when undertaking electrical work – however, the rubber grip at the top would act as an insulator.

The Tuscania ladder is incredibly robust, providing the user with a sense of safety at all working heights. It is hard-wearing and durable, it will last for a lifetime.


  • Solid cherry wood construction – natural insulation
  • Extending handrail
  • Caster wheels for easy transfer
  • Stand-alone storage
  • A platform for tools and pots
  • Beautifully engineered
  • 120kg maximum weight capacity


  • Awkward to open and close at first
  • Heavier than fibreglass models

What to look for in the best ladder for electricians

Many factors influence which is the most suitable ladder for your needs; these are some of the most obvious features to look out for


The safest materials for an electricians ladder are fibreglass and wood. Unlike metal and aluminium, they don’t conduct electricity, instead, they are insulators and keep the user protected.

Fibreglass –  they provide superior strength and stability while remaining lightweight and easy to transport. Fibreglass is non-corrosive, doesn’t rust nor easily dent.

They are ideal for outdoor work as they won’t weaken over time if exposed to damp conditions or sunlight.

Fibreglass does not conduct electricity; it provides insulation and gives the users protection from electrocution.

Even if there are small aluminium elements to a mostly fibreglass ladder, the user will remain safe as long as the ladders are cared for correctly.

The fibreglass serves to break the circuit, so there is nowhere for the live current to travel.

Timber – Wood is another non-conductor but less frequently used by electricians, probably because they are bulkier and heavier.

It is harder to keep wood clean and dry, especially when working outside. Once wet or dirty, even wood might conduct some level of electricity, so beware.


Ensure the ladders are the correct height for the job; if you’re unsure, go bigger. It is safer to have a taller ladder and reach than a shorter ladder and overreach.

Consider the available storage space and whether you will need to transport the ladder in a vehicle.

Remember;  platform height = how high the highest step/platform is from the ground

                       working height  = how high an average-size person will reach from the                                 highest platform

Platform and step size are also important; they increase stability and comfort.


The weight of the electrician’s ladder needs to be manageable; wiring runs great distances so so must the tradesperson. Heavier ladders often have caster wheels for easier transfer.

Never exceed the maximum load capacity of a ladder as it comprises the user’s safety.

The weight of the person isn’t the only consideration, think of the power tools, paint pots, and other equipment.


Some fibreglass ladders feature levelling feet for a sturdy grip on uneven ground.

Hand and side rails offer additional safety, as do non-slip feet and treads.

Always use ladders as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Are fibreglass ladders always safe for electrical use?

Even fibreglass is capable of transmitting electric shocks from the most powerful sources. The best way to avoid this is not to give the current anywhere to go; keep the ladders clean and dry.

Work at a safe clearance from overhead power cables and maintain 3-points of contact at all times.


The ladders featured in our reviews are of varying size and design; their common denominator is that they are the safe ladders for electricians.

If you observe ladder safety rules at all times, beware of overhanging, exposed wires, and keep the ladder clean and dry, then you should have a reliable piece of equipment to use safely for many years.