Best Scaffold Tower UK 2023

Working at height is a daunting task even for those more experienced.

The correct equipment is essential for the safety of anyone undertaking a large-scale job where a ladder isn’t sufficient.

The best scaffold towers are free-standing structures with a platform large enough to hold at least one worker and all of their tools. They are rigid and stable, provide safe reaching for bigger jobs, and eliminate the risk of a ladder slipping.

Scaffold towers provide secure, high-level access, and are the safest alternative when working above ground level.

Scaffold Towers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Which is best for you mostly depends on what its main use will be, height requirements, and your budget.

Stiliac Mini Home Scaffold Tower

If you’re looking for a scaffold tower for home use, then the Stiliac Mini system is worthy of serious consideration.

It requires no assembly, weighs just 15kg, and has a maximum load capacity of 150kg. The working platform is a generous 134cm x 50cm. That allows plenty of room for pots of paint or power tools while leaving lots of space for the user to move around. The safety rail provides additional security.

Our favourite feature is the folding system. When flat, the scaffold tower measures 147 x 21 x 61cm, compact enough to fit in the boot of most vans and hatchback cars.

Assembling the tower takes less than 30-seconds and is done via the unique umbrella opening system. The user has to pull the lightweight aluminium frame into a position where it locks into place.

It couldn’t be simpler, even for a petite individual working alone.

The scaffold ladders are equally adept at working outdoors as they are inside. The platform is 75cm from the ground which is the perfect height for first-floor guttering jobs, caravan roof cleaning, and trimming trees and hedgerows. Indoors, anyone above 5-feet tall will find themselves at the ideal height for changing bulbs or painting the ceiling.

The Stiliac scaffold tower does make life easy. It is well-made, portable, and requires little storage space.

The adjoining 2 step-ladder makes accessing the platform simple and safe.


  • Lightweight, durable aluminium construction
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Excellent umbrella folding system
  • Large working platform
  • No assembly required
  • Affordable


  • 2-front wheels could use a locking mechanism

AREBOS 3-in-1 Aluminium Multi-Purpose Scaffold Tower

When is a scaffold tower more than a scaffold tower? When it is a 3-in1 ladder such as this system from Arebos.

Not only is it a particularly sturdy high-reaching scaffold tower, but it also converts to a straight ladder and an A-frame step ladder.

Assembly is relatively straightforward, although easier with 2-people. Once built, the scaffolding has 3 height settings; 46, 73, 100cm. The platform easily clips into place at any given level and locks firmly for stability.

The step ladder has 6 steps on either side and stands 164cm. The straight ladder is 271cm tall.

Our favourite feature has to be the strength and stability of the tower. Unlike most models, it has 4 braces instead of 2. Combined with the wide trusses and robust construction, it feels incredibly safe to use, even when it reaches its maximum weight of 150kg.

The castor wheels enable easy movement of the scaffolding. Its aluminium construction keeps the overall weight down to a manageable 18kg.

The platform measures 147 x 40cm and is made from hardwood with a protective non-slip coating. When at its highest setting, the handrail that runs around the open sides of the perimeter provides added security. Plastic feet ensure the scaffold remains exactly where it is meant to be for the duration of its use.


  • 3-types of ladder in 1
  • 3 height settings in the scaffold tower
  • Lightweight, durable aluminium construction
  • 150kg maximum weight capacity
  • Extremely sturdy due to extra braces, crossbars, and wide trusses.


  • Needs 2-person assembly
  • Not foldable as a scaffold tower.

Zarges Reachmaster Mobile Scaffold Tower

The Zarges Reachmaster scaffold tower has a working height of 2.6m, but its clever design allows for expansion, right up to a working height of 8.5m.

Erecting the tower couldn’t be easier; it employs the 3T method, Through The Trapdoor, ensuring maximum safety each time that it is built, no matter how high.

For such a large and solid structure, it is surprisingly portable. It weighs just 27.2kg, and folds to 190 x 96 x 36cm, van size, and rolls easily between spaces. Its compact size ensures that it fits through all standard doorways.

Our favourite feature is the ease at which the Reachmaster assembles. The robust 50mm frame folds out and each section locks together with spring-loaded clips. The braces snap-on effectively, made easier by the colour-coded system.

Once fully-erect, the scaffold tower is rigid and secure.

The working platform is 180 x 68cm and has a maximum weight capacity of 210kg. It is 0.6m from the ground and has a safety rail for added reassurance.

With its excellent German engineering, the Reachmaster is a high-quality piece of equipment for industrial or home use. It is built to last and withstand many years of regular, rigorous use.


  • Very portable, even when closed
  • Sturdy click and lock erection
  • Colour-coded sections for simplicity
  • Strong enough for home or industrial use, in and outside
  • Uses 3T assembly method for additional safety


  • Only strong enough for one person plus equipment

Sailun Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive scaffold tower to help with all domestic tasks, indoors and outdoors, then look no further.

The Sailun system is 3-ladders-in-1; a 268cm leaning ladder, 6-tread double-sided stepladder, and a small scaffold tower.

They are made of aluminium with a wooden platform and are lightweight and durable. The  2 dolly wheels enable easy transfer, even when the tower is fully built.

Our favourite feature is how easy the structure is to build. Delivered in 3-sections along with some cross-fit braces, an individual can have the tower erected in a few minutes. The instructions are clear and concise.

The scaffold is solid and robust, it has a 150kg weight capacity and 2 crossbar railings for additional stability. There are 4-safety braces, which, when combined with wide trusses and non-slip feet, ensure the tower stays sturdy and in position.

The platform clips securely to the 4th step at 1m high. That is sufficient for most people to work at ceiling height, and for any first-floor level maintenance work.

When work is done, the ladder takes a few moments to disassemble for flat storage, taking up little space.

It is a highly-efficient, cost-effective way to access heights easily and safely.


  • Affordable
  • 3-way, multi-purpose
  • Strong yet lightweight aluminium construction
  • Simple to transfer and store
  • 150kg of weight capacity
  • Fast and easy assembly and disassembly


  • The platform height isn’t adjustable.

Toptower Classic 3.8m Galvanised Scaffold Tower

When you need to carry out work on ceilings, barns, guttering, and hedge trimming, the Toptower Classic is worthy of your serious consideration.

It is perfect for all uses around the home, whether they be indoor or outdoor.

The scaffolding comes in sections, each 4′ x 2’6”, that slot together to form a tower. Constructed from galvanised steel, they are corrosion-resistant, tough, and robust enough to last for a lifetime.

The wooden platform boards sit at 1.8m, that gives a 6ft person a working height of 3.8m. For high vaulted ceilings and tall hedge trimming work, you are guaranteed greater security than a ladder or a set of steps can offer.

When working at height, there is a handrail that runs around the perimeter for maximum safety.

The Toptower provides an efficient storage solution; when not in use, it breaks down into individual panels to pack away. Each section and component is lightweight; it is when the system is fully-erected that it achieves great strength and rigidity.

With a maximum load capacity of 200kg, the structure can hold 2-average sized people, or just one and all necessary equipment.

Our favourite feature is the variety of optional extras available. Although the scaffold tower is fit for purpose as it comes, with add-ons, the efficiency and performance increase. For instance, castors and adjustable base plates not only make scaffolding more portable; they also enable use on uneven and sloping ground. There is an option to change the use of the scaffold tower to stair use, resulting in an inexpensive, versatile piece of equipment.

Anyone that uses the Classic scaffolding will feel safe, the base rails and large base plates ensure that. It is an excellent, long-lasting scaffold tower for a multitude of jobs in and around the house.


  • Lifetime guarantee on the welds, 10-years on everything else
  • When disassembled easily fits in the boot
  • High-quality galvanised steel construction
  • 200kg maximum weight
  • base rails for added stability
  • for indoor and outdoor use


  • Not supplied with castor wheels
  • It should be ‘tied in’ to a building to increase safety

Features of the Best Scaffold Tower

Ladders are alright for quick jobs, but for those long-reach jobs that require working at height over extended periods; the security and stability of a scaffold tower just can’t be beaten.

They are versatile to cover large areas and don’t require the constant repositioning that step ladders do, therefore, making jobs more time-efficient and saving your legs.

Before investing in the best scaffold tower, here are some things to consider;


Scaffold towers are usually made of one of three things;

  1. Aluminium – light, durable, practical, and easier to manoeuvre
  2. Steel – more robust, longer-lasting, increased load-bearing, and ideal for frequent, rigorous use.
  3. Fibreglass – Lightweight and stable. They are non-conductive so provide safe insulation in areas where there are electrical hazards.

Ease of assembly

Some of the higher scaffolding towers use the 3T method, Through The Trapdoor. As the user erects the scaffold, they sit next to the trap door for added stability as they assemble the next stage of the tower.

The door acts as a safety hatch that protects the assembler from the risk of falling.

Smaller scaffold towers for residential use are often pre-assembled or require little additional work.

Most employ a click and lock system for added rigidity, along with braces, and outriggers.

Some scaffold towers have a tubular system that slot inside each other.


Working height and platform height are different things. Working height is usually based on a 6ft tall person and where they can reach when stood on the platform.

Portability and Storage

Lightweight construction and caster wheels make it easier to move the scaffolding; ideal for painting and decorating jobs, hedge trimming, and gutter work.

Models that collapse, fold, or easily disassemble, make storage options simple where space is restricted.

Load Capacity

Consider the weight of the person using the scaffold combined with that of any equipment or tools.

Safety on Scaffold Towers

  • Before assembling your scaffold tower, always check that every component is in good working order. If there are any breaches, do not attempt to climb it, contact the manufacturer.
  • The safety of the user is paramount when using a scaffolding tower. Always abide by the manufacturer’s handbook. Only erect it on even ground, apply stabilisers where applicable, and tie the scaffold into a solid structure where possible.
  • Never breach the load capacity of the scaffold tower and never use ladders or boxes on the platform to gain extra height.
  • Only ever climb the tower from inside, using the ladders and rails provided.
  • For larger structures, always use 2-people for building and during use.

Final thoughts

For those jobs that leaning or step ladders don’t give the level of reach, safety, and convenience that you need, a scaffold tower is the answer.

If you have found the best scaffold tower for your needs among our reviews, use it safely; your reward will be many years of high-quality, high-performing, highly efficient working – at height!