Best Tripod Ladders 2023

A tripod ladder is a really useful tool to have in the garden if you have tall trees or hedges that need to be maintained.

The tripod structure allows you to get such closer to the object you are trying to reach, when there isn’t a wall to lean against.

If you are trying to cut a hedge, the third leg of the tripod ladder creates a very stable structure for you for work comfortably at height, even on uneven surfaces. 

Countless times I have tried to balance at the top of a step ladder trying to trim the top of the garden hedge, which is really strenuous and very dangerous. A tripod ladder solves this problem and although quite a costly investment, will last a lifetime and save me from struggling to balance on a regular ladder.

Read on to discover which tripod ladders I found to be the best in terms of functionality, ease of use and price. This post will save you from spending hours of flitting between products trying to compare features.

1. BPS Access Solutions Tripod Ladder

Tripod ladder for cutting and trimming trees or hedges. Ladder to get higher and closer to the object.

An excellent 7 step tripod ladder for gardening and general use.

This is one of the more affordable tripod ladders on the market.

Probably a good one to look at if you are literally buying the tripod ladder just to trim the garden hedges trice a year.

The base of the BPS ladder is 1.05m wide, which is much wider than a regular ladder, this provides a much more stable frame for working at height.

Deep Ladder Rungs

I like the deeper than average ladder rungs.

On this ladder they are 3 inches deep, whereas most ladder rungs are only 1.5 – 2 inches deep. The extra depth allows more space for your feet to stand on, so if you are working on the ladder for long periods of time, there won’t be as much strain on your feet and legs, you can stand more safely and comfortably.

Narrow Top For Using Bulky Tools

The top portion of this tripod ladder tapers to much narrower top, this is a useful feature, because if you are using tools at the top of the ladder, the ladder won’t get in the way of you moving the tool around to cut branches.

One of the reasons this ladder is cheaper than some of the others available is that the third leg is not height adjustable, there is only one height which makes it a little more awkward to set the ladder up if the ground is uneven. This isn’t a major downfall and won’t have an impact for most people though, but if you have a very hilly garden, you may benefit from getting a tripod ladder with an adjustable third leg.
The third leg also has a spike on this ladder, so that it can get a good grip on grass and muddy areas. If you wanted to use the tripod ladder on paving or decking though for example, there is a rubber foot included with this ladder that caps off the spike, making the third leg and regular flat foot so as not to damage surfaces.

  •  2.93m high with 10 steps. 
  • Constructed from industrial strength aluminium.
  • Free interchangeable non slip rubber foot for safe use on hard surfaces, such as patios.
  • Aluminium construction means it is weather proof and will not rust.
  • Foot spike which secures the ladder even on uneven grass surfaces.
  • Chain and hook to secure ladder in a folded position for storage.
  • Rubber feet included – usually sold separately.
  • More affordable than other tripod ladders available.
  • Deep rungs – 3 inches.
  • Only one height available
  • Individual feet are not adjustable to accommodate different ground levels.
  • No side handle bars to hold onto.

Size and Weight

Open Height: 2.93m

Width at base: 1.05m

Weight: 12kg

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2. Henchman Tripod Ladder with 3 Adjustable Legs

Henchman Platform 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladders Steps Orchard Fruit pickingThe Henchman ladder is available in four sizes from 1.8m to a 4.8m.

You could save some money by buying a ladder which suits your specific requirements. A height that can fulfil your needs and not one that is too big.

This is a very high quality ladder that is a little more costly than other tripod ladders due to having more features.

All 3 Legs Adjustable Height

The Henchman ladder makes working on difficult outdoor jobs much easier as you can face the job head on (sooner than working sideways.)

You can do this because all three legs of the ladder are adjustable.

The adjustable legs mean you can find a stable level to work at even on very uneven ground.

Being able to face the job and work head on is both more comfortable and safer as you have more stability and less tension in your muscles to keep yourself stable.

7 Inch Platform At the Top

I really like the platform at the top of this ladder, it is a 7 inch deep platform that allows you to comfortably place both feet on the top step without having to balance on a standard rung.

It is horrible to work at the top of a ladder and be constantly trying to stabilise yourself and you balance, this platform really helps with this. Especially as tripod ladders narrow as they reach the top, which means there is less framework to stand on.

Handrails Either Side For Easier Climbing

Another feature I really likes about this tripod ladder is the simple addition of a handrail on either side of the ladder.

The hand rails are separate to the ladder rungs which help you to climb the steep steps in a more natural way.

(It also helps when coming back down the ladder!)

A tripod ladder isn’t like a regular ladder where the rung widths are the same width the whole way up which makes it harder to hold on and to climb the ladder.

The hand rails make you feel much more stable and safe when climbing up and down the ladder – they are also good for holding on to when working with one hand.

  • Available in 4 different heights, to suit your specific needs. 
  • Three adjustable legs (with 460mm / 18” of movement on each) this means you can secure the ladder even on uneven terrain.
  •  7″ deep platform at the top for your sure footing and comfort when standing & working at the top of the ladder.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001-2000 conditions.
  • Maximum weight for working load is 150kg.
  • More expensive than regular ladders.
  • Wide bottom means it is more awkward to store.

Size and Weight:

Sizes available are: 1.8m (6ft), 2.4m (8ft), 3m (10ft) or 3.7m (12ft).

Weight varies for each height of tripod ladder.

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3. ‘Ladders-Online’ Trade Tripod Ladder

Ladders-Online Trade 1.8m (5.91ft) Standard - Garden Hedge Cutting Tripod Ladder - Lightweight aluminium frame, double rung treads

This is another great ladder for being able to reach up high to cut hedges, trees or to pick fruit.

Third Leg is Telescopic

The third leg of this ladder is telescopic, so you can find a good level to work at.

This is ideal if you want to position the ladder somewhere where there is a different ground level, the two feet can be placed at one level and the third leg can be placed on a higher or lower surface by adjusting the height.

The ‘ladders online’ ladder has extremely wide feet at the bottom for extra support.

Double Bar Platform On Each Step

Each rung of the ladder has a double bar platform, which means there is more of a step to stand on to help you stay balanced.

(This makes it much easier to stand on for long periods of time.)

The working load for this ladder is 100kg, which is lower than some tripod ladders. (This ladder has a lightweight body.)

There isn’t a platform at the top of this ladder, like there is with the Henchman tripod ladder. This is one of the reasons that this ladder is cheaper than other tripod ladders. It is still comfortable to stand at the top of the ladder however, thanks to the double rungs.

  •  Lightweight aluminium frame, double rung treads.
  • Available in four sizes from 1.2m to 3.6m high.
  • Third leg is telescopic so it can be adjusted for uneven ground.
  • Feet are clawed for extra grip.
  • Rubber caps can be placed over the clawed feet to protect surfaces.
  • Hand rail at the top for extra stability.
  • Wide bottom feet.
  •  Rubber feet are not included, they are for use on hard surfaces such as decking that you do not want to scratch.
  • Awkward to store and transport due to wide bottom legs.
  • No large platform at the top to stand on.

Size and Weight:

Height: 3.6m

Width: 1.45m

Weight: 12.1kg

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4. Henchman Tripod Garden Ladder with Built-In Platform

Tripod Garden Ladders with built-in Platform by Henchman - 1.8m.

This is a great tripod ladder from Henchman.

The shoulder working height when standing on this ladder is 2.22 metres and the waist working height is 1.8m, so it is perfect for hedge, bush and tree cutting, (or fruit picking!)

This Henchman model is designed for ease of use and comfort.

Easy To Balance On The Platform

I really like the built in platform which makes it much easier to balance and not strain your back or legs when working on the ladder.

Third Leg Adjustable For Uneven Ground

The third leg is adjustable, which makes it a much more practical ladder to use in all areas.

The feet of the ladder are also clawed to prevent sudden slips or sinking.

The feet can be used on solid surfaces with the addition of rubber feet. (These are sold separately are not expensive.)

This Henchman is slightly cheaper than some of the other models, considering everything that is included, it is a really good price.

  • Built in platform on the third step. Makes it very comfortable to stand for longer periods of time without having to balance.
  • The third leg is adjustable, so you can achieve a steady level, even on uneven surfaces.
  • It is not too big or bulky – some of the tripod ladders are absolutely huge, this is a much more manageable size.
  • The poles either side are wide for easy grip and support.
  • This is a really lightweight tripod ladder, easy for transporting and storing. It is only 7.1kg.
    •  Rubber feet are not included, they are for use on hard surfaces such as decking that you do not want to scratch.
    • Only one leg is adjustable.

Size and Weight:

Height: 1.8m

Width: 100cm

Weight: 7.1kg

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These are the four best tripod ladders I discovered whist looking for the best tripod ladder for my garden. I wanted to use it to cut the hedges that formed a perimeter around my house and was tired of balancing on a regular stepladder.

Why tripod ladder is best for the garden?

To be perfectly honest, each tripod ladder has its minor differences and special features. Although essentially, they are all very similar.

Cheapest Tripod Ladder

If you are looking for the cheapest tripod ladder, the ‘BPS Access Solutions’ ladder is the most affordable and will get the job done every time.

Henchman Platform 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladders Steps Orchard Fruit picking

Best Tripod Ladder Overall

The tripod ladder that I chose as the best and chose to purchase was the ‘Henchman 3 Adjustable Leg Ladder.’

It has been fantastic.
It did cost more money than the others in this post, however with the extra features, like the long handlebars, top platform and the fact that all of the legs are adjustable made it worthwhile for me.

I have completed a lot of jobs with this ladder over the last year, including cleaning out the gutters, trimming the hedges outside the house and I’ve also used it when cleaning the plastic roof of the sunroom with the pressure washer.

Is It Worth Investing In a Tripod Ladder?

The difficulty with those jobs before was that I never really felt safe on a ladder that had to lean up a wall or object. I was always worried about losing my balance or the ladder falling backward.

The benefit of a tripod ladder is that you are free standing and can position the ladder anywhere where there is ground.

I always preferred standing on a step ladder to a regular ladder, it feels more secure and grounded.

(When you stand on a tripod ladder, you get this feeling of evenly distributed weight and stability.)

I would say that yes, if you can afford it, and regularly have a do jobs outside in the garden that require a freestanding ladder then you will benefit from a tripod ladder enormously.  

I chose the Henchman tripod ladder mainly because of the standing platform area at the top of the ladder and also because of the adjustable legs.

This is the easiest way to feel much more stable is to change one for two of the leg heights to get the ladder firmly planted on the ground in way that makes the foot platform parallel to the ground.

One of the other great features about the Henchman tripod is the fact that is has the highest working weight. This ladder can cope with holding a weight of 150kg, (23.6 stone) which would allow most people to stand on the ladder using tools at the same time.

I hope this guide was useful or helpful to you! If you have any questions about tripod ladder, leave a comment and I will do my best to answer it!