Best Telescopic Ladder Review 2023

Charles Bentley 3.2M Telescopic Extendable Extension Ladder With EN131-1, EN131-2, EN131-3 Certificate

Finding the best telescopic ladder for your purpose can be a little overwhelming, there are so many to chose from. I have scoured what is available in terms of telescopic ladders and have put my findings into an easy to navigate top list for you. Let me just clarify something that might save you some … Read more

What is the Longest Telescopic Ladder?

Telescopic ladders have to be the most manageable ladders available today -they’re much easier to carry around and to store that traditional extension ladders. But which long is the longest telescopic ladder? Surely they cant go above a certain height right? Right. The longest telescopic ladder on the market is a whopping 8.2 metres!Which is … Read more

Are Telescopic Ladders Safe?

Telescopic Ladder Folded

A lot of people are dubious about whether telescopic ladders are safe. They do not look as safe and strong as a tradition extendable ladder and relatively speaking, are still quite new to the market compared to how long traditional ladders have been around. Is the telescopic mechanism safe? Can you trust an extending ladder … Read more

Do Telescopic Ladders Have To Be Fully Extended?

Safetly Locking Mechanism Telescopic Ladder

Telescopic ladders can be used at any height between their fully collapsed position and their fully extended position. Telescopic ladders have individual locking mechanisms on each rung to enable you to use them at any height. Telescopic ladder are extremely useful to have around. They give you the best of both worlds, being able to … Read more