Best Telescopic Ladder Review 2023

Charles Bentley 3.2M Telescopic Extendable Extension Ladder With EN131-1, EN131-2, EN131-3 Certificate

Finding the best telescopic ladder for your purpose can be a little overwhelming, there are so many to chose from. I have scoured what is available in terms of telescopic ladders and have put my findings into an easy to navigate top list for you. Let me just clarify something that might save you some … Read more

Best Tripod Ladders 2023

Henchman Platform 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladders Steps Orchard Fruit picking

A tripod ladder is a really useful tool to have in the garden if you have tall trees or hedges that need to be maintained. The tripod structure allows you to get such closer to the object you are trying to reach, when there isn’t a wall to lean against. If you are trying to … Read more

Best Ladder for Electricians 2023

If working at height isn’t worrying enough, working with electricity at height is an even greater cause for concern. The threat of electrocution is an occupational hazard of an electrician, so it is smart to take as many precautions as possible. Metal and aluminium ladders are definite no-no’s; they reactor as electrical conductors. Instead, the … Read more

Best Loft Ladder 2023 UK

There are few better places to store ‘stuff’ that you can’t bear to get rid of, than in the loft. Most lofts are spacious areas, and unlike sheds and garages, keep your belongings safe and dry. If you’re going to need frequent access to the loft, the most convenient, safe way to do so is … Read more

Best Ladder Accessories 2023

LadderLimb Safety First With The Ladder Limb Paint Pot Bucket Hook 10KG - 10001

Ever find yourself at the top of a ladder trying to hold more than one tool and trying to keep your balance? I have created a list of of the top ladder accessories that will make you think, ‘ahhh.. why didn’t I get one of these sooner?’ Ladder Mat Anti Slip Rubber Safety Mat This … Read more