Is it safe to lean a ladder against a gutter?

Is is safe to lean a ladder against a gutter

It is generally safe to lean a ladder against a gutter, but ALWAYS make a logical decision as to whether or not YOU think the guttering can withstand the force of a ladder leaning against it. Gutters or guttering on houses is designed to be very strong and to withstand years of abuse from the … Read more

Are Loft Hatches a Standard Size?

Are loft hatches Standard Size 79.8 x 68.2 x 8.6 cm

If you’re interested in getting a loft ladder installed, or doing it yourself for that matter, you might be wondering if loft hatches are a standard size so that you can buy a pre-made ‘off the shelf’ loft ladder kit to install. To meet the standard of UK building regulations, most loft hatches in UK … Read more