Do Telescopic Ladders Have To Be Fully Extended?

Telescopic ladders can be used at any height between their fully collapsed position and their fully extended position.

Telescopic ladders have individual locking mechanisms on each rung to enable you to use them at any height.

Telescopic ladder are extremely useful to have around. They give you the best of both worlds, being able to complete jobs at height outdoors, and to work at less height, indoors.

Note: I have spent a long time researching at all of the different brands of telescopic ladder available online and reading their instruction manuals.

I have not encountered any telescopic ladder that must be fully extended to its full height before you can use it.

If you do have any doubts. Dig out your instruction manual to double check. You will know from the instruction manual whether your ladder can be safely used at any height or has to be fully extended as the manufacturer will have to make is VERY clear to you, for obvious safety reasons.

Is it safe to use my telescopic ladder at less that full height?

With these types of ladder, each rung will have its own individual locking mechanism. (Enabling you to open only a few of the rungs and to lock them safely.)

An example of a telescopic ladder that can be used at any height is the Youngmans Telescopic Ladder. (See image below.)

The Youngman’s ladder can be used at any height, up to its full height. It also has lock indicators on each rung that change from red to green to show that each rung has locked safely in place.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Always extend the telescopic ladder from the bottom first, opening and securing each section from bottom to top, you can use the ladder at any height safely.

Do NOT try to open the ladder from the top, leaving the bottom part closed, this is dangerous and could cause the ladder to collapse.

The only time it is safe to open a telescopic ladder from the top is if you are wanting to open the ladder fully, including every section.

In this instance, work down the ladder, making sure you hear the safety click of each rung as you go.

Why Would I Need A Telescopic Ladder?

If you have a long telescopic ladder, say 3 metres or more, it is great height and really useful for working on the outside of the house.

For completing tasking such as cleaning windows, gutters, painting etc.

However, it would most like need to be used only to some of its full height when working indoors, (going up a loft, or hanging a picture for example).

A telescopic ladder is especially useful when using the ladder in a house, with low ceilings.

Can my Telescopic Ladder Be Used At Any Height?

It is very likely that your telescopic ladder, if bought within the last few years, can be used at any height.

This is a key design feature of telescopic ladders, which make them more multifunctional and useful to have around the house as they can be adapted to your house and needs.

Here are some of the brands of telescopic ladder that I have checked that can definitely be used at any height:

  • Youngmans
  • Worhan
  • Finether
  • AutoBABa
  • Wolfwise
  • Nestling
  • Superworth
  • Zarges
  • TB Davies
  • Rubyz

I hope this information was useful to you!

Leave a comment below in the comments section if you have a question that you can’t find an answer to and I will try to find out for you.