Best Ladder Accessories 2023

Ever find yourself at the top of a ladder trying to hold more than one tool and trying to keep your balance?

I have created a list of of the top ladder accessories that will make you think, ‘ahhh.. why didn’t I get one of these sooner?’

Ladder Mat Anti Slip Rubber Safety MatLadderMat Ladder Leveller Anti Slip Rubber Safety Mat ideal for Window Cleaners

This kit is perfect for tradesmen, window cleaners for example, or even the odd DIY job around the house.

The mats provide a perfect level surface and grip for working anywhere and on any surface.

(Even if you’re outside on uneven terrain or inside on a slippy tiled surface.)

These mats are specially useful when you’re using a ladder on your own.

Ideally you should always have someone standing at the bottom of the ladder to support it.

However, if this is not an option, then these mats are a reassuring alternative to having no grip or security.

They can be used on any surface and doesn’t take up much room so can be taken anywhere in your car or van.

This anti slip ladder mat is perfect for use indoors, on wooden or tiled floors, which are renowned for having very little grip. The rubber will help the ladder to stay put and to avoid the ladder feet leaving a mark on the flooring.

See the price of the anti slip rubber mat on Amazon.

Universal Step Platform / Utility ShelfUniversal Step Platform/Utility Shelf For Multi Ladders

This is such a useful gadget.

How many times do you find yourself balancing on one rung of your ladder for long periods of time whilst decorating or working.

This platform works with any rung ladder and means you can relax your calves a little by not having to stand solely on the balls of your feet on the ladder rung.

The platform creates a sturdy surface to stand on – giving you more balance and less body tension overall.

It also doubles as a useful shelf!

It looks like it would be little it awkward to use, probably best to watch a video on how to use this ladder platform being trying to use it.

See the price of this ladder platform on Ebay

Draper Ladder Rack BracketsDraper 24808 Universal Step Wall Ladder Rack Brackets Security / Securing Lock

Neat and strong little brackets to store your ladder off the ground. Inexpensive but very high quality.

They can be applied to almost any way type (or wooden wall if you want to put them up in a shed.)

The pack contains two brackets – which are perfect for storing an average extendable ladder of 2-5 metres.

The brackets are quite deep, so even if you have a double ladder or even triple ladder, it will fit onto the brackets.

There are a tonne of different makes and models of ladder brackets, these are the ones I bought, after reading a lot of reviews to decide which would be the best ladder brackets for the least amount of money.

See the price of the Draper ladder brackets on Amazon.

LadderLimb – Hook to Hang Tools or Paint BucketsLadderLimb Safety First With The Ladder Limb Paint Pot Bucket Hook 10KG - 10001

A nifty and useful little gadget that every serious DIY enthusiast and tradesman needs.

It can hold up to 10KG in weight so its perfect for hooking a large tin of paint or paint caddy onto.

This will save you multiple trips up and down the ladder or having to balance with a tray in one hand.

It is also perfect for hooking heavy tools onto in between uses. – Like drills or hammers.

Once I got one of these ladder hooks I thought, why didn’t I ever get one before.

The ladder limb pictured provides a strong hook to hang things from, however there are lots of other accessories that can be adapted from a ladder limb to assist you when working on a ladder.

See the price of the LadderLimb on Amazon.

Henchman Tripod Ladder Protective Rubber Foot – Pack of 3

Henchman Tripod Ladder Protective Rubber Foot - Pack of 3

Specifically designed for the Henchman tripod ladder.

(A ladder to use for trimming hedges or trees, or even fruit picking).

Quite often, protective rubber feet are not included with the ladder and are usually cheaper to buy separately than in a combined price with the ladder.

The link below above takes you to a pack of three ladder feet.

These feet may not be suitable for other types of ladders as the space in the foot for the ladder to sit is a circle. (The shape of the feet on tripod ladders.)

If your tripod ladder is only ever used on the grass then you will probably not need these ladder feet. However, if you plant to use the tripod ladder on any other surface such as concrete, slabs, decking or tiles, you will definitely need to protect the floor from the pointed spike feet of the ladder (which are used to grip.)

See the price for the Henchman ladder feet on Ebay.